Claire meets Persephone in Scotland ~ & The Maiden Stone ~

A glimpse of the Stones I met June 23, 2016.


In the name of sharing.
IMG_1711 The Maiden Stone is easily seen at roadside, with parking just in front.

Persephone is over a stone wall, and 2 fences, hidden in thick woods. Carved by Sandy Smith (Persephone Photos: below Maiden Stone photos):


The Maiden Stone, Pictish, standing high above my 5-feet & 10-inches.
The Maiden Stone, details.




Persephone, Queen of the Underworld

IMG_1725 IMG_1728 The Maiden Stone, also known as the Drumdurno Stone after the nearby farm, is a Pictish standing stone near Inverurie in Aberdeenshire in Scotland, probably dating to the 9th century AD.












I can feel my life lit up by this presence, this living sculpture; changed, for good.

Stone Woman: Persephone ~ Sending great thanks to: Martin Watt, who offered: “Persephone statue, Crowmallie, Garioch, Scotland.
The wonderfully monumental statue of Persephone, carved from 8.5 tons of millstone grit, stands in a glade 100m to the west of the Pictish Maiden Stone.

It was carved 55 years ago by Sandy Smith an artist living in Crowmallie House.

The Statue carries a mirror as does the female on The Maiden Stone.”


Walking by the River Don, Dyce, Aberdeen, Scotland


25 minutes walk from the farmhouse where we are is this view. I am finding it helpful to get out and ground in where I am by walking.

The days are full of exploring, and ice cream, so walking 2 hours every day is helpful. Balance is key!

The River Don, where my new friend, Thelma Milne showed me the way. She even walked with me for an hour and shared her wisdom after 50 years of marriage, "You've got to be happy with what is given to you."
The River Don, where my new friend, Thelma Milne showed me the way. She even walked with me for an hour and shared her wisdom after 50 years of marriage, “You’ve got to be happy with what is given to you.”






Walking home, taking the path past two white swans, swimming, & then nesting and peeking at me through tall grasses on the other side.
Why fairytales are told in Scotland, this place is Magical.
Lovely walking trail, paved, for biking, walking, and horses — 45 miles long. How very civilized.
These are as big as a grapefruit, and so pretty.

Meadowhead Farm with Harris

My wee cousin, born April 1st, 2016, meet Harris.

He and his mum, Nikki, and his baby sister, Lexy came for a visit, and what fun we had playing games, rolling trains, building things, and snacking. IMG_1682

Did not get more than these pics, as Lexy kept us all on our toes and very well entertained. I put my iPhone down, which was refreshing.IMG_2229

I was having a tea party for one, enjoying the bright, hot sun, and Tom thought that was worth capturing, especially my wee French table cloth, AKA the dish towel. Pepper was asked to pose with me.

I love the view as I walk down the road, leaving Meadowhead:




Scottish Music ~ Candlelit Sunday in the Blue Lampie, Aberdeen ~

On a Sunday afternoon, a bright day outside, here we are in a candlelit, very dark, and glowing bar, listening to Scottish music, songwriting, and watching a bit of Step Dancing.
Fiona on fiddle, showing off their newly learned skills. Teacher is in front.
AYE, WELCOME REFUGEES is on his t-shirt, and he showed his stuff with a solo Step Dancing Performance.
I loved being here, listening and feeling the music so deeply. Man in kilt, playing harp, amazing!!!
Music is the fire that keeps us all alive. Nature sings: ua kani o nahele, is how it is said in Ancient Hawaiian. Nature sings.

A Journey to the Heart of The Hebrides ~ Meet the Photos of Ian Lawson

The Isle of Harris has a fan, & I have never been there,


but I have seen it through the lens and gifted eye of Ian Lawson: Photographer, Path Illuminator, Genius. Here, you get a tantalizing peek at his vision, dedication & connection to The Isle of Harris and their tweeds and tartans woven with island Magic. It is way up North and to the left, OK, that’s west.

The morning began. June 10th, 2016. More sun, always sun, ever since I arrived in Scotland. Funny.

First, we got lost in the country, on the quiet, sheep-farming backroads. Next, we got found, & shared tea with Hilary’s artistic friend, Fiona McDonald. I was brought to meet Hilary’s friend, Fiona, at her farm house, because artists like meeting other artists. She showed us her beautiful succulent designs in wall hangings and terrariums:(

Fiona understood me right away. Out came the sweets, & a big pot of hot tea, followed by an elegant tome: the book, below, by photographer, Ian Lawson.

And, then, I thought about how much I wish you were all sitting here with us, dining on biscuits & caramel bars so good I ate mine and then had to sniff the wrapper, extensively.


Poem within:

The Silent LoomIMG_1616

This is Bella. She died in 2010, but could she ever, really?IMG_1617

Each page of the massive book has Ian’s impressions of The Isle of Harris next to … just look; I am speechless:IMG_1618

Are you with me?

Stag…Woven colors that make me weak with delight.IMG_1619

A ewe, and her other offspring: wool woven with love.IMG_1620

My laundry would be just as colorful.

May The Isle of Harris dry my laundry someday, soon.


Just a taste…



Walking trails with my cousin Hilary, Pepper & Charlie



Walking each day.



Enjoying the beauty of trails through Newmachar, Aberdeen…with yellow wildflowers:


Sweet horses…


Bright, glowing fields of blooming, endless yellow rapeseed flowers.    This photo is dedicated to my dear sister, Julie, who loves yellow:

This one’s for you!


And this one; some yellow gorse, now, newly-known to my taste buds as the most delicious ice cream flavor, lovely as eating perfumed petals, if petals tasted delicious!!!


And, lastly, the magic of spirals: the bridge between Maui & Scotland is clear. We are Nature.