Claire meets Persephone in Scotland ~ & The Maiden Stone ~

A glimpse of the Stones I met June 23, 2016.


In the name of sharing.
IMG_1711 The Maiden Stone is easily seen at roadside, with parking just in front.

Persephone is over a stone wall, and 2 fences, hidden in thick woods. Carved by Sandy Smith (Persephone Photos: below Maiden Stone photos):


The Maiden Stone, Pictish, standing high above my 5-feet & 10-inches.
The Maiden Stone, details.




Persephone, Queen of the Underworld

IMG_1725 IMG_1728 The Maiden Stone, also known as the Drumdurno Stone after the nearby farm, is a Pictish standing stone near Inverurie in Aberdeenshire in Scotland, probably dating to the 9th century AD.












I can feel my life lit up by this presence, this living sculpture; changed, for good.

Stone Woman: Persephone ~ Sending great thanks to: Martin Watt, who offered: “Persephone statue, Crowmallie, Garioch, Scotland.
The wonderfully monumental statue of Persephone, carved from 8.5 tons of millstone grit, stands in a glade 100m to the west of the Pictish Maiden Stone.

It was carved 55 years ago by Sandy Smith an artist living in Crowmallie House.

The Statue carries a mirror as does the female on The Maiden Stone.”


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