Memorial Day with my Dad in Morningside, Edinburgh


Oh, I was so confident. I was warned; It’s a big graveyard. I said I’d use my psychic skills. Ha, after an hour and half of carefully looking at every headstone except my dad’s, I found it!IMG_1451

UNTIL THE DAY BREAK — is how long it seemed I’d have to look up, down and all around, over and over again, but there he was, right on the left, just a short stroll from the entrance! So simple. IMG_1457 IMG_1450

Above, right: Me, at 6 months old, visiting Scotland, wrapped in Graham tartan scarf!

IMG_1426 IMG_1430 IMG_1436 IMG_1445 IMG_1453 IMG_1458

Scotland is Home.


Hopeful, Beaming, & Walking with my Ancestor's through Open Doors
Claire’s arrival Home
Edinburgh airport
May 27, 2016, 4:40pm

Welcome to this step, this precious first step into what can only be met with awe. Stepping into The Mystery with no plan, only willingness, faith & love. Seems like a perfect toolkit to guide & carry me, and then there are my 5 bits of luggage, full of endless art supplies, and my guitar, Valentine. Oh, yes, we are Home.

Tracking Magic: JFK to LON, Daniel, from Germany, & N.C., & BMW, & the other 2 men in my row had also missed their flights, so we were very happy together. Carol sat next to me for this last flight, very kindly sharing her Scottish insights as a local, and her daughter’s name is Iona.The Waterboys’ “Peace of Iona” being a favorite song in our Core Transformation & Cellular Healing Circles with Ger Lyons (





When I boarded the plane from London Heathrow, I had missed two flights, in LAX & JFK, and nearly a third. I had run in 4″ comfortable heels with these 3 carry-on bags, my sheepskin and my guitar up and down escalators and across JFK, to the very end, Gate 3.

Beautiful symmetry
The final flight to Edinburgh. I left my guitar on board & it was thrown at me by the angry steward in baggage claim, over a woman’s erect extended left leg as she sat in her wheelchair. Apparently, my delight, altered state from exhaustion & oblivion were beyond his care. He was so nice when I boarded, Paul Daniels let me take this photo before the crowd filled it all up. I was the last seat on the right: 24A

I had slept a total of 4 hours in 3 days, and found myself, irrepressibly grateful, wandering my mind during the long flights; 5 + 5 + 7 + 1 = 18 hours of long flights across the world, smiling at all the sweet friends’ faces who linger there, reminding me it took the whole village to get me here, to make me clear, to lift my wings for this flight, finding myself steadily eager to feel Scotland again.

Edinburgh: Sylvesters ~ dear family, delicious food

May 28, 2016   My first lunch out in Edinburgh with Nikki, my cousin, with newest baby cousin, Harris:


Sylvesters is a comfortable Bistro with delicious course after delicious course, served in artistic ways, so it was hard to have to disturb the beauty on the plate to eat it. It was worth it, every time: Delicious Rainbow trout fresh from a Scottish river, Smoked Salmon; wild not farmed, and a variety of colorful vegetables, broiled to perfection, which I love!


My wee cousin, Alexandra AKA “Lexy” & Chef Duncan of Sylvesters

Chef Kieran Sylvester bringing the family together around his artistry.

IMG_1420 IMG_1416 IMG_1414

MOVING to Scotland SALE: Day 3

May 7, 2016, 6pm

IMG_0047Today was a long day. The rain washed everything clean, and flooded anything it could.

People also poured in, with warm congratulations on my moving to Scotland, offering connections to beautiful Souls they know there, like integrative healers, & organic integrative farmers, and buying up my treasures to make the flying, and settling, smooth and easy.

I am grateful there are such dear people that come to Moving Sales, & for the diversity of new and old friends, sitting in the 3 chairs I have left, pawing at my lifelong collection of Topanga Art tiles, muffin tins, cushions, baby carriers, jewelry, green & red farm animal plates & Permaculture books, & sharing a bit of Magic, which I must admit has become the norm lately.

Thank you for the rain that washes everything clean.

Tomorrow is a new SALE day and I pray for sun to dry everything out well. I remember the day, April 18th, 2016 at 9:47am, when I sat in my car, waiting for the Makawao library to open, just crying my eyes out wondering how I could ever sell everything I own and JUST GO TO SCOTLAND>>> I knew it was time. I was so tired of dreaming, and saving and wishing I could.

Now, it is done, & I am consistently happy and surprised by the ease, Grace and gentleness of this entire process. Faith is a funny thing. It is like an open door to my life to let love rule, and the rewards are endless.