MOVING to Scotland SALE: Day 3

May 7, 2016, 6pm

IMG_0047Today was a long day. The rain washed everything clean, and flooded anything it could.

People also poured in, with warm congratulations on my moving to Scotland, offering connections to beautiful Souls they know there, like integrative healers, & organic integrative farmers, and buying up my treasures to make the flying, and settling, smooth and easy.

I am grateful there are such dear people that come to Moving Sales, & for the diversity of new and old friends, sitting in the 3 chairs I have left, pawing at my lifelong collection of Topanga Art tiles, muffin tins, cushions, baby carriers, jewelry, green & red farm animal plates & Permaculture books, & sharing a bit of Magic, which I must admit has become the norm lately.

Thank you for the rain that washes everything clean.

Tomorrow is a new SALE day and I pray for sun to dry everything out well. I remember the day, April 18th, 2016 at 9:47am, when I sat in my car, waiting for the Makawao library to open, just crying my eyes out wondering how I could ever sell everything I own and JUST GO TO SCOTLAND>>> I knew it was time. I was so tired of dreaming, and saving and wishing I could.

Now, it is done, & I am consistently happy and surprised by the ease, Grace and gentleness of this entire process. Faith is a funny thing. It is like an open door to my life to let love rule, and the rewards are endless.

Author: Claire Anderson Graham

I'm happy. Permaculture guides me to live knowing WE ARE NATURE.

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